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SWAG, Gambier - 2 coveted invitations
Food and Drink

Item ID Starting Bid Bids Current Bid
104782 $20.00 8 $70.00

Winning Bidder

Winning bidders will be contacted after the in-person auction closes

Two invitations to a tasting with the Scotch Whiskey Association of Gambier (SWAG). We have no details to provide in this write up because the club is very secretive. Certificate to be redeemed at one of the monthly Saturday meetings between September 2017 and June 2018.

One rule: What happens at SWAG stays at SWAG.

Value: $70

Bragging rights: Priceless.

Winning bidder: Must be of legal drinking age. An invitation will be emailed to you after the August 5th live auction.